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My name is Kody~ I'm a 22 year-old Japanese-American living in Hawaii. I used to be very active in blogging about JE (mostly Hey! Say! JUMP) back when LiveJournal was still a thing. I lost interest a few years ago, but have rekindled my love for HSJ recently. (My favorites in HSJ are Daiki, Yamada, Inoo, and Yuto, if you were wondering.) I also really like anime and video games. ♪( ´▽`) This blog will be a mixture of real life and fandom-related posts.

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Most, if not all, my posts will be friend locked. If you share similar interests, I'd love to be friends! Please comment on this post and tell me about yourself! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

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I'm not too sure what I intend to write in this journal, to be honest, haha. I either work and/or go to class nearly everyday, so this definitely won't be a review/reaction blog since I don't have the time to watch all the newest videos from HSJ. In fact, I literally just got back into being a fan the other day. OTL I was obsessed with them for a good four or five years, then went back to anime. Now that I lost interest in anime, back to the HSJ fandom I went. ^^;

I guess since this is my first ~real~ post, I would do a quick but more specific introduction of myself, aside from the one I have on public. I'm currently attending university, and I should've graduated this year, but I took a lot of time off to work so I'm still stuck. (._.) My major involves botany and environmental science; boring hippie stuff. :< Since last summer, I was working in a Japanese nail salon, but I quit at the end of July to go back to my retail job at an art shop. Actually, a friend I made on LiveJournal got me the job at the nail salon, since she did my nails for the Arashi concert, and I got really interested. It was nice, but too stressful for me as a student. Talking to my Japanese coworkers about Yamada and other Japanese celebrities was so fun, LOL. I have a boyfriend of nearly seven years who is very supportive about my obsessive hobbies. He actually went to the Arashi Blast in Hawaii concert with me and enjoyed it too, haha. I'm lucky to have him.

Anyway, one of the things that's going on in my life is that my room had to be repaired by my dad since there was mold in my walls. All my furniture was moved out and all my posters/artwork had to go into storage. Every. Single. Poster. Fun fact: since becoming a fan of JE/HSJ nearly ten years ago, I've spent at least $1000+ on idol magazines alone. That doesn't include other goods. (Packing away all those magazines was so fun!!!11) I cringe at the life choices of my past self.

So since I've gotten back into HSJ, I figured I would revitalize my already disgusting collection of stuff. One of the nice things about living in Hawaii is that we're pretty close to Japan, and so we have several Japanese book stores in town. One of those stores is a used book store, so I'm sometimes able to find old magazines and CDs for dirt cheap. I made my wallet suffer a little today after spending almost $100 yesterday ordering HSJ's I/O album, the Precious Girl single, and the August 2017 anan magazine from CDJapan.

I told myself not to get more magazines, since I could barely put the ones I already own into storage. OTL However, I am in the market for more recent posters for my room when it's finished, since the HSJ/JE posters I own are pretty much relics at this point. Also, I've randomly been a huge Yamada fan since I got back into the fandom, so I had to have the issue of duet with him on the cover. ;w; Believe it or not, I actually disliked Yamada quite a bit back in the day. I think I was just salty, since I was a really big fan of Daiki, who got no attention back then. I'm glad I like all the members now. ^^

And those CDs were such a good deal! They were all only $1! And pretty much all of those are limited editions, I believe. Sadly, no HSJ CDs at that book store, but I found some older singles from Arashi/KAT-TUN I used to like a lot. Plus Seishun Amigo, a classic, haha.

So yup~ That's what I did today. I'll probably make my next post when my CDJapan order comes in the mail. Until then, bye~


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